PRESS RELEASE: Mzungu Kichaa releases �RELAX YOUR MIND� new East African reggae video

PRESS RELEASE: Mzungu Kichaa releases �RELAX YOUR MIND� new East African reggae video

RELAX The mind

new East African reggae anthem

The Tanzanian based singer, Mzungu Kichaa, has released a bonafide reggae tune: RELAX YOUR MIND. The newest video features his Tanzanian band Bongo Beat in true show because of their renown eclectic high-energy African style that is their signature.


Mzungu Kichaa says, �This video represents our journey being a band. It was essential for me to get some with the magic that has developed during live-concerts onto a recorded track and I think we managed to do that with this song. The bridge, which matches �set a night on fire� was made on stage during a night club performance at Operaen in Christiania during a tours in Denmark. The song was recorded in the studio in Denmark in the end were on tour. Therefore i guess this process really represents our journey like a band and also the positive energy we now have caused by our audience. An electricity that people need to give the entire world through this video�.�
Relax Your brain was shot on location in Dar es Salaam featuring a number of Mzungu Kichaa�s traditional crew, many of which are family. They include Director of Photography (DOP) Adam Juma, Video Director Rita Wachera, Artistic Director Jessica Olsen and Producer Louise Kamin.

Mzungu Kichaa�s debut album TUKO PAMOJA (2009) captured our attention with his distinctive singing, which was strictly in Swahili. The discharge possessed a big following around the world music scene, particulary one of the African Diaspora not to mention in East Africa. With this new release, the collaboration with one of Denmark�s top sound engineers, Flemming Rasmussen, who a few has produced the initial four Metallica albums, has given it that extra edge.

The obscure name, Mzungu Kichaa, which means the �crazy white man�, has reverberated during the entire African continent since his debut during 2009. This release saw an award for the most powerful Upcoming Artist on the African Achievement Awards, a nomination at the Danish Music Awards as well as a chair behind the judge�s table on the Tanzanian version of X-Factor, Bongo Star Search.
�As a caucasian male in the early 30s making Tanzanian music, Kichaa�s heritage may perhaps be one of the most obvious things you could be unclear about when his lyrics have been in Swahili, however a lot of the other artists he’s surrounded by are natives from African countries. This implies no contradiction as his efforts show what’s truly necessary to making music. Neither the colour on the epidermis nor the united states you were born in are relevant. Transporting messages that are not rooted in or certain to a certain space, however that could originate from everywhere which put an emphasis on respecting each other and building on our common humanity – without any locality. Kichaa generates a notion of belonging which is all about of people, to your friends and household, and never to many narrow thought of nationality. Belonging like a feeling and not just as one obvious and logical rationality is what his music and his alias represent�. – Culture Trip

�Jamati Online: You perform in Kiswahili. The fact that was the explanation for choosing to accomplish that?

I selected release a my debut album in Kiswahili, though I also compose many songs in English, because, I needed to demonstrate my skills and knowledge with the Tanzanian scene by creating something unique that represented my background and involvement with Tanzanian music. I additionally do not be driven by commercial factors. I had created no expectations from the album regarding success or sales. I wasn�t concerned about some of that, I simply planned to create. Thankfully the album may be perfectly received throughout the world which demonstrates it pays to follow along with your heart and do what you look for to do and not what the industry expects you to definitely do�. – Jamati Online


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